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Patent Drafting Copyright Information Canadian Intellectual Property
Lambert & Lambert Manufacturing Young Inventors
Invention Evaluations Scam Busters Patent Related Information
Legal International Organizations (IFIA) United Inventors Association
Marketing & licensing: Small Business Development Centers Inventor Help
Books Toy & Game Inventions Federal Trade Commission
FTC Advice Trade Shows Free CAD Software
Invention Promotion Industry Funding Sources Inventor Support Groups
Small Business Administration European Intellectual Property Association  


Copyright Information: Professor Tom Field's, Franklin Pierce Law Center, U.S. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information

Canadian Intellectual Property Office:
Law Offices of Henderson & Sturm

http://www.thomasregister.comSearch engine for manufacturers of industrial products.

http://www.mfginfo.comManufacturers Information Network; search engine for finding information about manufacturers. HarrisInfoSource: A database for sales and marketing professionals profiling nearly 400,000 manufacturing establishments

Young Inventors Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation; at Smithsonian Institute; addresses the history of inventing; center produces invention programs & events Inventure Place & National Inventors Hall of Fame; biographical data, links to invention sites; African American inventors info; info about invention competitions & awards MIT's Invention Dimension; highlights different American inventors; offers extensive listing of invention links, especially for children Ronald J. Riley's site; offers review of invention links, books, & software for children; also addresses issues related to safety and inventive girls Janese Swanson' GirlTech; a mother&daughter invention & technology site; online information & activities General invention site, with links and articles about inventors, offers online newsletter Books for young inventors written by Ed Sobey Invention Center Home Page Kids invent toys. Toy inventing workshops

Invention Evaluation : Inventor, Carik Marketing

http://www.innovationcentre.caCanadian Innovation Centre's Inventors' Assistance Program; offers evaluation and commercialization services, quarterly newsletter, information and resources. Dep't of Energy's Inventions & Innovations Program; offers financial & technical support (grants) & business training for development of energy saving inventions. Innovation Services Center; offers technical & market assessment services for new products & services ideas. Innovation Assessment Center evaluates new ideas and inventions for commercial possibilities. Lambert & Lambert 

Beware of the Scams

http://www.ftc.govFederal Trade Commission; information on dynamics of invention marketing scams and reporting procedures J. Riley's site; offers listing of known and alleged fraudulent invention promotion companies by name Invention Marketing Companies by Brown, Pinnisi & Michaels

Patent Related Information:

http://www.nationalpatent.comThe National Patent Association; latest news and updates about patent legislation, offers history of US Patent system & links to listings of Congressional Reps.

http://www.Trudelgroup.comTrudel Group Newsletter, John P. Trudel, Certified Management Consultant Professor Tom Field's, Franklin Pierce Law Center, U.S. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts -- funded by a £200M grant from the U.K. National Lottery). European Intellectual Property Association (EIPAWEB) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organizations interested in protection the intellectual property of all Europeans .


Sturm & Fit:

Kenneth Tolar Metairie LA EMail:

The Law Firm of Harpman & Harpman

The Law Office of James A. Hudak  

Trenner Law Firm

International Organizations:

http://www.invention-ifia.chFarag Moussa, International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA), A window on the global community of inventors! A great resource for finding international connections and getting a world wide perspective on invention and creativity.

Inventor Help  Invent Spark - The invention and innovation marketplace for inventors.  List your invention, submit to product searches from major companies and connect with investors, manufacturers and licensees. Andy Gibbs

Listing of and links to inventor resources. Information about product development and marketing. Also offers online articles and a monthly newsletter about current events and issues as well as an invention listing service to help in product marketing. John Moetelli

Answers Frequently Asked Questions about patent process and offers example of non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreement. Ronald J. Riley

Site includes a listing of companies and/or individuals associated with questionable invention promotion services. Also offers good listing of inventor resources for children, general info about patents and listing of inventor resources. Paul Niemann

Offers how to advice regarding market research and commercialization issues. Also has a monthly online newsletter which addresses same issues. Site has a very good and extensive listing of inventor related web sites broken out into various categories of information offered.

Marketing & licensing    ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, a division of Accessory Resource Gallery, was started in response to buyer demand for "new to the world" products in the marketplace. ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, located in New York's Fashion District, has launched record breaking success items, including the Topsy Tail, and is regarded as a visionary in the field. Arthur D. Little Enterprises - a very selective and reputable international consulting firm for innovation commercialization. Turns early stage ideas into successfully licensed technologies. Business Administration; offers 31 page outline for writing a business plan Ed Zimmer's Entrepreneur Network; help for midwest inventors & entrepreneurs; offers resources & networking connections

http://www.InventorWorld.comBill Nassett's (The Little Inventor) site; offers "how to" inventor manuals for patenting and marketing; listings of new inventions

http://www.solve-itmarketing.comHarold Westbrook; showcases new products; regular newsletter; offers Q&A information on product marketing

http://www.dobkin.comJeff Dobkin; offers online "how to" articles taken from his book about low cost direct marketing techniques Hook Appropriate Technology, Hal Meyer; offers short & simple advice about product development and marketing process

http://www.ii-corp.comInventNet International Corporation; Jack Lander, Victor Lavrov, David Pressman, Pal Asija; offers comprehensive services in patenting & technology transfer Executives Society; offers booklet about basics of licensing & directory of licensing professionals Lambert & Lambert  To provide an Affordable, Friendly and Helpful Atmosphere for Inventors and Service Providers which will enable both parties to interact and create a mutually beneficial environment.  HAVE A NEW INVENTION OR PRODUCT IDEA? If you have an invention or product idea, we would like to help you make it very profitable!

Toy & Game Inventing Andrew Berton, Excel Development Group, International Toy & Game Licensing Agency. Offers answers to frequently asked questions and reviews the process of development and marketing in the toy and game industry.

http://www.toysngames.comCarol Rehtmeyer, Design and Licensing

http://www.toy-tma.comToy Manufacturers of America; offers information about toy industry, lists shows & events, addresses safety issues

http://www.discovergames.comOffers list of resources to link game inventors with retailers and customers; includes inventor stories and "how to" articles; listing of shows & events

Toy Manufacturers TOY INVENTORS & DESIGNERS GUIDE By the Toy Manufacturers of America

ToySource A worldwide toy directory and toy guide for the international toy industry


The Inventor's Pocket Guide Helping inventors from around the world to get their products from the garage to the marketplace for the least amount of out-of-pocket money as humanly possible. Jack Lander, Site of UIA's Inventor's Bookstore, which is a "hand-picked selection" of inventor books, including many with content reviews. Bob DeMatteis, Offers "how to" information plus literature for sale. Includes forms for invention disclosure and non-disclosure (confidentiality) that can be downloaded for use as needed.

Trade Shows A Resource for Business Events Worldwide. You can find tradeshows, expos, conferences, seminars, event industry suppliers, virtual tradeshow & online floorplan management solutions, webcasts, and more... The Expo Guide The Job Shop Network

Invention Promotion Industry Articles relating to the Invention Promotion Industry

FUNDING SOURCES FinanceNet Venture Financing Resource Directory DealFlow National Science Foundation Investment Now! SBA Procurements & Grants Hot List

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